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You belong in an environment designed to help you create your best work, connect with like minds, and catapult you to the next level. 

Inside the Shutterbug Life membership community photographers like you gather to share your images as well as your photography journey. We support each other, get answers to your questions, learn from experts, participate in photography challenges, and more.

Photography can be a lonely endeavor

This was one of my first experiences as an enthusiast and freelancer. I loved photography for fun as much as I did for profit, but no one in my circle shared my love for photography.

That’s when I created the Shutterbug Excursions Meetup. I just wanted to make a few photo friends. About 4,000 members later in DC and another 4,000 in NYC with another Meetup I co-founded, I understand that photography is so much better with friends.

With friends, you not only enjoy a passion with kindred spirits, but you have the opportunity to get better faster, to learn more than you might on your own.

Now we take the Shutterbug Excursions experience to a private online community.

Here's how it works  

Shutterbug Life is a membership community for photographers who are serious about working on their craft.

Whether you are planning on turning your photography into a career or you enjoy shooting for leisure, this community will provide the support, accountability, and encouragement to help you reach your goals faster.



We will grow our community on a private platform that is similar to Facebook Groups but without distractions and annoying algorithms.

On social media, the algorithms might prevent you from seeing posts you really care about. You are shown what social media company wants you to see.

On our platform, you join the conversations that interest you and see as much or as little as you choose. You are in control not a bot in Seattle.

In our community, we will have curated conversations in topical rooms, photo challenges to help you work on your skills, free webinars with photography experts, and an environment that lets you share your images for constructive feedback.

This is built as a safe space for you to try new things creatively and get helpful suggestions. It is designed to create an environment fertile for growth.

The best part? You can then shape it into whatever you think is most helpful to you. You're in control.

Motivated photographers wanted!

  • This community is for you if you are a photographer working on your craft and you are putting in the work to get better. We are creating the environment for you to grow and thrive!
  • This community is for you if you are looking for a place to create and connect, not consume and lurk. You will get more out of it as you invest yourself.
  • This community is for you if you are eager to learn and share and willing to support and encourage others.
  • This community is for you if you believe in the mantra of connection over competition. We aren't competing against each other. We are working together to elevate our collective skills.
  • This community is for you if you recognize that the most important ingredient in making a photograph is the photographer and not the gear. Photographers matter.

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About the founder

If you are a photographer looking for a safe space to share, learn and grow with your photography, I created Shutterbug Life for you.

This is a membership community where you will have the resources, accountability, camaraderie, and encouragement to move your photography forward faster.

  • As a second-generation photographer, my earliest memories always are with a camera in my hand.
  • Most recently, I led Canon USA’s workshop and education department, where we were responsible for creating all workshops and classes throughout the country.
  • Founded one of the fastest-growing photography communities in the Washington, DC region, with more than 4,000 local members and co-founded another in the NY/NJ area with another 4,000 members.
  • Started teaching photography full time in 2010
  • I founded a photography education business in Washington, DC where I taught more than 600 workshops while maintaining a 4.9/5 rating and launching thousands of photography careers.
  • Hosted two photography podcasts, broadcasting 150 episodes with a perfect 5-Star rating.
  • Began my photography career as an Army photojournalist and served for eight years.
  • A 20-year career in marketing & public relations where I managed employee publications and created content for customers and stakeholders

Now I am creating a community to surround you with the support you need to propel your photography. Join for free today and get started!

Join for free today! You will benefit from:

  • Webinar workshops by photography experts
  • Project Momentum, a group photography Project 365/52 like challenge
  • Photography challenges to help you work on specific photo techniques
  • Discussion forums on photography topics that you choose
  • Q&A and feedback sessions
  • And more!

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