Project Momentum

a photography challenge


You love photography, but you haven’t been that good at the discipline thing. People say you should create photos daily or even weekly, but how in the world can you sustain that?

My new Project Momentum is designed to help you create images more consistently and, in turn, make the kind of progress with your photography that you’ve dreamed about.

It is a group photography project that is engineered to set you up for success.

Project Momentum Kickoff replay

In this replay of the Project Momentum Kickoff webinar, I explain how the project works and how you can participate.

Join the Challenge

How it works

  •  Join our Project Momentum group. There we will host the group project in a private group where we will have support, encouragement and accountability.
  •  Decide on your goal. Choose something you can reasonably attain but also stretches you.
    •  Daily for 30 - Get the benefit of daily photography but for a more attainable timeline. They say you can create a habit in 30 days. Try it and see!
    •  Weekly for 52 weeks - One photo a week may be a more attainable goal for a busy person yet it creates the consistency you need for improvement.
    •  Daily for 365 days - The original Project 365. Photographing daily for a year will give you the greatest transformation.
  •  Show up in the Project Momentum gallery and share on your schedule.

The ‘rules’

  •  Share one photo with each submission. You can shoot more than one photo for your daily or weekly goal, but post only one of the images.
  •  If you miss a day or a posting, pick up where you left off. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t make up for lost days.
  •  Encourage and support. Don’t judge or critique. Consistency is the only goal. (We will have another location for constructive criticism.)

How we support you

  •  Weekly prompts to help spur your ideas
  •  A list of topics or themes that you can use as focus areas
  •  A list of skills and techniques you can use as your inspiration and use as focused practice
  •  Ideas for documenting parts of your life as a photo project
  •  Celebrate your streaks. Earn badges to recognize you for consistent posting.
    •  10 in a row
    •  25 in a row
    •  50 in a row
    •  100 in a row
    •  200 in a row
    •  300 in a row
    •  365!!!!

Do the work!

In my framework to help you determine where you are in your photography learning path, my prescription for Emerging Photographer is to “Do the work.” That means a steady diet of looking at photos and creating photos.

This project is the perfect system to help you get the benefits from the Emerging Photographer level of the system.


Ready to get started?

This could be the time you started a process to take photos consistently and make dramatic improvement in your images.

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Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.

- Stephen King

The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.

- Stephen King